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MagneCote is a magnetic-coated printing paper. It was initially aimed at the printer market, with little success. We believed the real audience was art directors and designers – people who could appreciate the creative potential of the product. Without any traditional advertising, MagneCote’s sales increased 350% within two years.

Swatch Book

A swatch book with a magnetic cover was created to help demonstrate the product. It took the shape of a magnet’s natural habitat – a refrigerator.

MagneCote swatchbooks


A  website was created, featuring product information, success stories, and password-protected technical specs, plus enough hidden surprises to keep the creative-minded target entertained as well as informed.

MagneCote attactive website

“Attractive” Microsite

Playing off the tagline, “The World’s Most Attractive Paper,” a microsite allowed people to tell a "live" MagneCote employee what they find attractive. It garnered millions of hits and, even more impressively, generated sales in countries where there was no other marketing support. (Apparently, virals really CAN sell product.)

MagneCote attactive website

“Attractive” Insert

To seed the microsite, an insert made out of MagneCote was placed in key publications. Each insert featured statements about things people are attracted to which could be detached and placed throughout office spaces.

MagneCote insert


SuperPitch, an advergame project I creative directed, allowed art directors and designers to hone their presentation skills by pitching a fictitious client so they can (of course) more successfully pitch ideas using MagneCote. Easter eggs were leaked over several months, which helped retain audience attention.

MagneCote Superpitch

Superpitch Insert

To seed the advergame, an insert made out of MagneCote was placed in key publications. Each insert featured statements to co-workers about how their presentation skills could improve. They could be detached and placed in the offending coworker’s cubicle.

MagneCote SuperPitch insert

The MagneCote Challenge

In order to help agencies come up with ideas for how to use MagneCote, a contest was created to see who could find the most unique way to promote a non-profit organization. To help amplify the cool quotient of the brand, the contest was only open to a small group of award-winning creative boutiques worldwide.

MagneCote Challenge microsite

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