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Elysian Hotels & Resorts

This ultra-luxury hotel brand launched its flagship location in 2009, with high-end retailers and unsurpassed amenities. Most importantly, it delivered an experience that is remarkable in the truest sense of the word. The logo was created by a previous partner. We did everything else.

60 Stories Brochure

To help sell their guest suites, the Elysian asked for an ad in a real estate section. Instead, we delivered the 60 Stories booklet, which explored the stories one will be able to tell when they stay at the Elysian. This was credited with generating 2 guest suite sales. With each suite priced at over $1M US, the ROI on this was rather impressive.

Elysian 60 Stories Brochure

Construction Site

The idea of creating stories was extended to the construction site itself. The walls of the construction site were covered with different stories that guests of the Elysian would someday be able to tell. Thanks to attention-getting features such as classical music, tear-away recipe cards for panna cotta, and peep holes which reveal stories to curious passers-by, the Elysian began delivering remarkable moments even before the hotel opened.

Elysian construction signage

Elysian Brand Work

We developed everything from brand styleguides to collateral to creating meeting room names. We also wrote and designed The Found Art of Hospitality, the brand-defining book distributed to each hotel employee.


brand work


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